1. foot, hoof, kicker, Latin, calx; heel-bone, Anat. calcaneus, Anat. os calcis; (of some animals) hock, Anat. hallux, (of birds) spur.
2. lift, heelpiece, heeltap, spike, wedgie.
3. conclusion, tail end, fag end, rind, crust; remnant, remainder, leftovers, stump, butt, rump.
4.Usu. Naut. or Aeronaut. cant, tilt, angle, slant, inclination; sheering, veering, tipping; yaw, deviation, shift.
5.Achilles’heel, vulnerability, weakness, soft underbelly; sore spot, imperfection, defect; nemesis, undoing, downfall.
6. down at the heels
shabby, slipshod, run-down, slovenly, seedy, dowdy; out at the elbows, impoverished, poor, destitute, down and out.
7. take to one’s heels
flee, escape, run away or off, take flight, Inf. skedaddle, Inf. hightail, Inf. show a clean pair of heels, Sl. fly the coop, Sl. split.
8. follow closely, dog, bedog, hound, prowl after, pursue, chase, shadow, trail, track, trace, Inf. tag or tag after, Inf. tail.
9.(all of shoes) put heels on, mend, patch, repair, cobble.
10.(all of gamecocks) arm with spurs, spur, fit with gaffs; equip, accouter, furnish, ready.
11. dance, caper, leap, prance, frisk, frolic, gambol, cut a caper, cavort, antic; jump, spring, capriole, curvet; Dressage. caracole, Dressage. wheel.
12.Naut. incline, cant, tilt, lean, list, careen, tip; yaw, jib, shift, deviate; wear, haul off, veer, sheer, swerve, turn aside.

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